Solving Error 53 in Ottawa

Error 53 has become a buzz word among the local Ottawa iPhone community, and has an especially bad connotation for local repair businesses over the past few weeks. Recently, iPhone 6/6+ users that plugged their phone in hoping to upgrade to the latest version of iOS9 found themselves with a mysterious Error 53 and essentially locked out of their phones. To complicate the issue further, this only happened to users who had their phones fixed by a third party Ottawa cell phone repair shop. The official response from Apple was mute for a few days before the revelation that this was actually a developer side error meant to prevent tampering with the TouchID system. Initially the feeling was that Apple was trying to stifle the third party iPhone 6 repair process to make sure every user went through an AppleCare warranty, however the Error 53 anxiety seems to have been quelled.

iphone 6 repair ottawa

The feeling is still there for many consumers that all future iPhone devices will have to be repaired through Apple themselves. In the meantime, there are tons of you out there with iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C devices and these are likely going to have hardware problemsin the future. Issues like a cracked screen, poor battery duration and other audio components that fail are still relatively easy and inexpensive to repair in the Ottawa area. We’d recommend checking out HiTech Mobile Repairs, they rarely have an issue with stock levels of commonly repaired components and have some of the most competitive and best service in all of Ottawa. Check out the site for more info, or view the pricing below

iPhone screen repair prices are listed below by device and up to date as of March 2016

  • iPhone 4/4S – $75
  • iPhone 5/5S/5C – $110
  • iPhone 6 – $170
  • iPhone 6+ – $190


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