Improve iPhone Battery Life – Easy Tips

If there is one thing that sucks about a broken iPhone 5 that isn’t the cracked or smashed screen it’s the abominable battery life. This is something many Montreal users may be familiar with and is an ongoing problem that even people with the older iPhone 4 and 4S models may experience. Over time the amount of charge cycles you put your phone through may cause the overall daily battery life to diminish and become a pretty big inconvenience. If you are sick and tired of scrambling around for a charging cable half way through the day, or budgeting your resources throughout the day, read on – today’s post will be actionable information you can apply to you’re iPhone and life to solve this irritating problem.

Utilize iPhone Power Saving Mode

Turn on iPhone power saving mode and your brightness, CPU usage and unnecessary apps are instantly turned down, but not to the point of affecting your everyday productivity. Many people don’t even bother with this, thinking it’s going to stifle their text messages or emails, but it certainly can help keep you going throughout the day if you are a heavy user. Even for those of you without a newer model, all iPhone’s have the capacity to turn down brightness and CPU usage through a power management application.

Remove Unneeded Apps From Your Phone

Applications are great, but when they are sitting in the background and not being actively utilized they can do a number on your battery life even after a few hours. You don’t need to delete all those crazy random games you downloaded or the cool flashlight app, but keeping them running/idling in the background will certainly contribute to a diminished battery life and we’d recommend keeping them off until you really do need them.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Montreal

If none of the above is resolving your weak battery problems, you might be relieved to know that an outright replacement of the factory installed lithium-ion battery your iPhone came with is really affordable, especially in Montreal. There are only 3 specialized screws holding your iPhone battery in place, and a trusted and experienced iPhone repair technician can actually replace the entire thing in as little as 30 minutes. We’d recommend checking out (check out their website here), as they have extensive experience and a great warranty in place that gives us the peace of mind Apple users are usually looking for. The best part is a battery replacement costs no more than $50 for the iPhone 4 and 5/5S/5C models.

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