Fixing A Broken iPhone: Easier Than You Think

Broken iPhone’s are one of the most inconvenient repairs that you can experience and it’s not without reason. We use our phone’s for almost everything from family communication to important business calls so when you lose functionality in any way whether it be the touch screen, any audio issue or even water damage you’ll probably want to get it fixed as soon as possible.  Depending on your device,  the extent of the damage and how fast you need your device back you have several options.

The first place almost everyone goes and it’s for good reason is their nearest Apple Retail store. The brand definitely has a trust factor behind it and the last thing customers want is an ‘unofficial repair’ that can further damage their prized iPhone or cause data loss issues. Unfortunately, while Apple does diagnose hardware defects like a cracked screen or weak battery life they will simply offer you an entirely new phone instead of fixing the individual issue.  Again, depending on how badly your phone is damaged this may or may not work for you. Additionally we have heard from several customers they have been able to get their broken iPhone 6 replaced entirely for $120 even if they didn’t have an existing Apple Care warranty.

Your other option would be to explore third party iPhone repair options in Winnipeg. Much like any computer or laptop repair business, the iPhone has many individual components that can be replaced without too much work. Prices for the components have dropped and full repair tutorials are widely available online so you can even take on the project yourself if you are so inclined. However if you are in a tight situation and need it replaced as soon as possible – say before you jump on a flight, or before a long weekend definitely preform a quick Google search to see what’s in your area. Since a cracked iPhone 5 screen or dead battery is the most common issue seen through most smartphone repair businesses doors they can be completely done in a matter of hours at most. Simply make sure you go with a reputable business that has a standard service and labour warranty and uses quality components and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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