Common iPhone Software Issues

If you rolled over this morning and found your iPhone unresponsive, slow or simply not working, you are definitely not alone. With close to ten models out on the market over the years, each making significant technological improvements over the other it seems inevitable that Apple users in Tallahassee would find a way to test and breach the limits of their devices and eventually need cell phone repair services that were fast, affordable and of course convenient. If your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 simply won’t turn on, we’ve listed some of the issues that could be plaguing it below. Credit goes to Tallahassee iPhone Repair for the answers, definitely check them out if you are in the area!

iPhone Screen & Battery Replacement

If you find your iPhone simply won’t turn on, then this could be several issues – but it’s still definitely fixable and is no reason to panic. Most commonly it’s either a dead battery or a problem with the display. If you’ve recently dropped your phone, the fall may have been enough to crack the outward facing glass, but it may have damaged the interior connections. Whether it’s the display or the battery, both these issues can be fixed usually within a few hours by a local Tallahassee iPhone repair technician.

For users with a previously repaired iPhone 6 or 6+ that was not taken to an official Apple Retail location, and have a weird Error 53 appearing on their device after plugging it in, this is a software issue that has recently been addressed by Apple themselves. Initially, people thought this was due to the device being repaired using shoddy third party components, but it has since been revealed that it is an internal error code meant to prevent tampering with the Touch ID apparatus. A small iOS update fixed this issue and can bring your iPhone back to life without needing to visit a cell phone repair technician

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