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iPhone Battery Life Getting Weaker

iPhone battery life is something almost everyone has struggled with, and there are tons of different gadgets, apps and options to get it working again. From dimming your back light, to disabling almost everything, nothing pales to ACTUALLY replacing the lithium-ion battery that came with your iPhone originally when you bought it from the Tampa Apple Store or your cellular carrier. Many people think you can only replace batteries in Android based devices, but it is actually quite easy to swap out the actually nattery on your iPhone – even though Apple would have you think otherwise.

Before you swap out your battery it’s important you know that this does indeed violate your official Apple warranty – however in most cases if your battery is dying, your warranty has already exceeded it’s lifespan. So it turns out that many people have big concerns regarding upsetting Apple over their warranty. However, you should do your best to avoid low quality parts, especially when it comes to batteries. Poor batteries can leak acid at worst, and at best just not preform as good as your previous old battery. Best practice to avoid this would be to ask your friends for a cell phone repair shop in Tampa they are familiar with and that they have had good experience with. Check out their prices and book your repair today if you need your device fixed sooner than later.

Battery Life Solutions Other Than Hardware Replacement

Your other options for resolving battery life issues include minimizing the use of apps that sit in the background and consume excess resources. For example, use task manager to close apps after you use them – don’t just let them sit – and you may find you get an extra hour or so out of your phone. Combine this with keeping your WiFi and Bluetooth off as much as possible as well as your LCD brightness low, you can make it through an entire day without your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 totally dying.…

Common iPhone Software Issues

If you rolled over this morning and found your iPhone unresponsive, slow or simply not working, you are definitely not alone. With close to ten models out on the market over the years, each making significant technological improvements over the other it seems inevitable that Apple users in Tallahassee would find a way to test and breach the limits of their devices and eventually need cell phone repair services that were fast, affordable and of course convenient. If your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 simply won’t turn on, we’ve listed some of the issues that could be plaguing it below. Credit goes to Tallahassee iPhone Repair for the answers, definitely check them out if you are in the area!

iPhone Screen & Battery Replacement

If you find your iPhone simply won’t turn on, then this could be several issues – but it’s still definitely fixable and is no reason to panic. Most commonly it’s either a dead battery or a problem with the display. If you’ve recently dropped your phone, the fall may have been enough to crack the outward facing glass, but it may have damaged the interior connections. Whether it’s the display or the battery, both these issues can be fixed usually within a few hours by a local Tallahassee iPhone repair technician.

For users with a previously repaired iPhone 6 or 6+ that was not taken to an official Apple Retail location, and have a weird Error 53 appearing on their device after plugging it in, this is a software issue that has recently been addressed by Apple themselves. Initially, people thought this was due to the device being repaired using shoddy third party components, but it has since been revealed that it is an internal error code meant to prevent tampering with the Touch ID apparatus. A small iOS update fixed this issue and can bring your iPhone back to life without needing to visit a cell phone repair technician…


Solving Error 53 in Ottawa

Error 53 has become a buzz word among the local Ottawa iPhone community, and has an especially bad connotation for local repair businesses over the past few weeks. Recently, iPhone 6/6+ users that plugged their phone in hoping to upgrade to the latest version of iOS9 found themselves with a mysterious Error 53 and essentially locked out of their phones. To complicate the issue further, this only happened to users who had their phones fixed by a third party Ottawa cell phone repair shop. The official response from Apple was mute for a few days before the revelation that this was actually a developer side error meant to prevent tampering with the TouchID system. Initially the feeling was that Apple was trying to stifle the third party iPhone 6 repair process to make sure every user went through an AppleCare warranty, however the Error 53 anxiety seems to have been quelled.

iphone 6 repair ottawa

The feeling is still there for many consumers that all future iPhone devices will have to be repaired through Apple themselves. In the meantime, there are tons of you out there with iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C devices and these are likely going to have hardware problemsin the future. Issues like a cracked screen, poor battery duration and other audio components that fail are still relatively easy and inexpensive to repair in the Ottawa area. We’d recommend checking out HiTech Mobile Repairs, they rarely have an issue with stock levels of commonly repaired components and have some of the most competitive and best service in all of Ottawa. Check out the site for more info, or view the pricing below

iPhone screen repair prices are listed below by device and up to date as of March 2016

  • iPhone 4/4S – $75
  • iPhone 5/5S/5C – $110
  • iPhone 6 – $170
  • iPhone 6+ – $190



Improve iPhone Battery Life – Easy Tips

If there is one thing that sucks about a broken iPhone 5 that isn’t the cracked or smashed screen it’s the abominable battery life. This is something many Montreal users may be familiar with and is an ongoing problem that even people with the older iPhone 4 and 4S models may experience. Over time the amount of charge cycles you put your phone through may cause the overall daily battery life to diminish and become a pretty big inconvenience. If you are sick and tired of scrambling around for a charging cable half way through the day, or budgeting your resources throughout the day, read on – today’s post will be actionable information you can apply to you’re iPhone and life to solve this irritating problem.

Utilize iPhone Power Saving Mode

Turn on iPhone power saving mode and your brightness, CPU usage and unnecessary apps are instantly turned down, but not to the point of affecting your everyday productivity. Many people don’t even bother with this, thinking it’s going to stifle their text messages or emails, but it certainly can help keep you going throughout the day if you are a heavy user. Even for those of you without a newer model, all iPhone’s have the capacity to turn down brightness and CPU usage through a power management application.

Remove Unneeded Apps From Your Phone

Applications are great, but when they are sitting in the background and not being actively utilized they can do a number on your battery life even after a few hours. You don’t need to delete all those crazy random games you downloaded or the cool flashlight app, but keeping them running/idling in the background will certainly contribute to a diminished battery life and we’d recommend keeping them off until you really do need them.

iPhone Battery Replacement in Montreal

If none of the above is resolving your weak battery problems, you might be relieved to know that an outright replacement of the factory installed lithium-ion battery your iPhone came with is really affordable, especially in Montreal. There are only 3 specialized screws holding your iPhone battery in place, and a trusted and experienced iPhone repair technician can actually replace the entire thing in as little as 30 minutes. We’d recommend checking out (check out their website here), as they have extensive experience and a great warranty in place that gives us the peace of mind Apple users are usually looking for. The best part is a battery replacement costs no more than $50 for the iPhone 4 and 5/5S/5C models.…


Fixing A Broken iPhone: Easier Than You Think

Broken iPhone’s are one of the most inconvenient repairs that you can experience and it’s not without reason. We use our phone’s for almost everything from family communication to important business calls so when you lose functionality in any way whether it be the touch screen, any audio issue or even water damage you’ll probably want to get it fixed as soon as possible.  Depending on your device,  the extent of the damage and how fast you need your device back you have several options.

The first place almost everyone goes and it’s for good reason is their nearest Apple Retail store. The brand definitely has a trust factor behind it and the last thing customers want is an ‘unofficial repair’ that can further damage their prized iPhone or cause data loss issues. Unfortunately, while Apple does diagnose hardware defects like a cracked screen or weak battery life they will simply offer you an entirely new phone instead of fixing the individual issue.  Again, depending on how badly your phone is damaged this may or may not work for you. Additionally we have heard from several customers they have been able to get their broken iPhone 6 replaced entirely for $120 even if they didn’t have an existing Apple Care warranty.

Your other option would be to explore third party iPhone repair options in Winnipeg. Much like any computer or laptop repair business, the iPhone has many individual components that can be replaced without too much work. Prices for the components have dropped and full repair tutorials are widely available online so you can even take on the project yourself if you are so inclined. However if you are in a tight situation and need it replaced as soon as possible – say before you jump on a flight, or before a long weekend definitely preform a quick Google search to see what’s in your area. Since a cracked iPhone 5 screen or dead battery is the most common issue seen through most smartphone repair businesses doors they can be completely done in a matter of hours at most. Simply make sure you go with a reputable business that has a standard service and labour warranty and uses quality components and you’ll be on your way in no time.