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iPhone Battery Life Getting Weaker

iPhone battery life is something almost everyone has struggled with, and there are tons of different gadgets, apps and options to get it working again. From dimming your back light, to disabling almost everything, nothing pales to ACTUALLY replacing the lithium-ion battery that came with your iPhone originally when you bought it from the Tampa Apple Store or your cellular carrier. Many people think you can only replace batteries in Android based devices, but it is actually quite easy to swap out the actually nattery on your iPhone – even though Apple would have you think otherwise.

Before you swap out your battery it’s important you know that this does indeed violate your official Apple warranty – however in most cases if your battery is dying, your warranty has already exceeded it’s lifespan. So it turns out that many people have big concerns regarding upsetting Apple over their warranty. However, you should do your best to avoid low quality parts, especially when it comes to batteries. Poor batteries can leak acid at worst, and at best just not preform as good as your previous old battery. Best practice to avoid this would be to ask your friends for a cell phone repair shop in Tampa they are familiar with and that they have had good experience with. Check out their prices and book your repair today if you need your device fixed sooner than later.

Battery Life Solutions Other Than Hardware Replacement

Your other options for resolving battery life issues include minimizing the use of apps that sit in the background and consume excess resources. For example, use task manager to close apps after you use them – don’t just let them sit – and you may find you get an extra hour or so out of your phone. Combine this with keeping your WiFi and Bluetooth off as much as possible as well as your LCD brightness low, you can make it through an entire day without your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 totally dying.…