The next generation of Apple’s iPhone is here and hardcore fans have already lined up around retail stores overnight and have got their hands on the coveted iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s only a matter of time before someone drops their phone, or it slips out of a pocket and that beautiful front LCD display is cracked. Local Mississauga iPhone repair businesses have been providing on-the-spot screen repair services since the release of the initial 3G in Canada. So the space is competitive and it will be a matter of weeks before a comprehensive cracked iPhone 6 screen repair service is launched.

What can consumers expect price wise? Like most newer devices, quality parts that repair businesses are comfortable installing and standing behind with a warranty are going to be hard to come by. So you’re going to pay quite a bit to have even a hairline crack fixed in your iPhone screen for the first few months. Many Toronto iPhone users mistake this initially high cost as price gouging, but it actually a symptom of market shortage. Apple famously does not make it’s components available or very repair friendly, whether we are talking about iPad’s, Macbooks or the new iPhone 6, so it’s up to third party electronics manufacturers in China to do their best to replicate these delicate components as best as possible. Until higher quality replica LCD screens and internal components such as batteries and home buttons become more widely available and push the price down, expect to see $300+ price points for screen repair.

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Avoid Shady Kijiji iPhone Repair Services In Mississauga

Understand that this is a natural market situation and it will stabilize and ultimately come down over time. The same high prices were appearing all over Mississauga and the Toronto area for iPhone 5 and 5S screens when that model first came out now you can get your iPhone 5 screen fixed for as little as $80 depending on which shop you take it to. Either way, we recommend doing sufficient research online and finding an established smartphone repair business, ideally one not based of Kijiji or someone’s basement. If you can’t find them on a listing service like Google Places or Yelp, it’s probably best to stay away. While there isn’t any catastrophic that can happen instantly if you install a lower quality front LCD display, it will become more susceptible to cracking easily or dust and other microbes getting in-between your glass and phone.


Looking for a skilled accountant or bookkeeping service can be a big process, but it is quite important for Ottawa residents and businesses. It’s quite common you’ll feel surprised regarding the cost of their services, such as payroll management, tax returns, and even monthly financial records management. What is too much to pay and how much should you budget for Ottawa bookkeeping services? There are several different aspects to consider.

Ideally, you’d like to find a bookkeeper that specializes in your specific needs – whether that is a small or medium sized business, or a simple individual tax return – there is someone that suits you best out there. Finding a specialized accounting firm will give you more peace of mind and comfort.  They will also likely have more nuanced knowledge of the Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines you can take advantage to save the most amount of money possible. This is something franchise operations like Liberty Tax cannot compete with as they’re advisor’s are usually not free to give you their honest opinion on your best course of action. Of course, going with a specialized accountant in Ottawa may cost more, but the long term tax savings are definitely something to consider.

Apart from individual tax returns, growing small businesses should definitely consider the best possible accountant they can find. Payroll and credit card balance issues might seem easy to deal with from the outside, but if they are not handled properly can severely plague the productivity of your business. Accountants specialize in keeping your focus on growing your business and keeping your clients happy, so you don’t have to agonize over small financial details every week.

There are obviously several different pricing schemes when it comes to bookkeepers, but as with most other services, you get what you pay for. A misfiling with the CRA can be much more costly than an extra $20-30/hr for a few hours a month in accounting services. Investing in a solid financial expert is a lot like investing in a good lawyer, you get what you pay for and you’ll really appreciate paying the extra dollars when the stress of tax time hits.